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The best courses that will make you take off in your career

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About of
Strictu Sensu

The SENAI CIMATEC University Center offers lato sensu postgraduate courses, with Specializations and MBAs, and stricto sensu, with Masters and Doctorates. The lato sensu postgraduate courses are excellent options for professionals to prepare themselves for the new trends and challenges of the market. These are courses in tune with the main requirements of innovation and business management, taught by professionals (masters and doctors) with extensive theoretical and practical experience. The stricto sensu postgraduate courses aim to train professionals capable of promoting changes in processes and products in the business environment, through innovation and scientific and technological development.

Why study at CIMATEC?

The Manufacturing and Technology Integrated Campus SENAI CIMATEC was inaugurated in March of 2002 and it is one of the most advanced centers for education, technology and innovation in the country. Supported by a staff of over 650 members, it hosts a Technical School, a Higher Education School and a Technology Center, all cooperating in a four-building structure of more than 35.000m².

SENAI CIMATEC School of Technology began operations in 2004, and currently offers a number of Undergraduate degrees in engineering, and a series of Graduate programs, including lato sensu (specializations and MBAs) and stricto sensu (master’s and doctoral degrees). In 2008, the Industrial Management and Technology (GETEC) and the Computational Modeling and Industrial Technology (MCTI) Master’s Programs were inaugurated. MCTI incorporated a Doctorate in 2010, and then, in 2016, GETEC also opened a Doctoral Program.

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